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    Information buyers should know about Colorado liquor licensing and operations.

    navpoint  /   January 2, 2013

    Obtaining a liquor license in Colorado and operating a profitable store is challenging at best and the more you can work with your clients to understand the ins and outs, the smoother the entire process will be. A few helpful things to a prospective client should know are:


    1. Their business must be registered with the Secretary of State BEFORE applying for the liquor license. All other licenses, permits, requirements (sales, general business, department of health for food service, etc.) must be in place prior to applying for the liquor license.


    2. If the liquor business desired is a new venture (no previous liquor license), make sure they check the zoning regulations and permits, if required.


    3. A minimum of 90 days to secure a liquor license is average (that is if all requirements are completed and forms are accurate.


    4. Your client needs to not only purchase the business and the initial inventory, they need to have a significant cash “reserve

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