Make 2012 a Big Year, Set Your Real Estate Goals & Accomplish Them!

By January 9, 2012 October 3rd, 2019 No Comments

Everyone talks about resolutions for a new year, I like to set goals, track them… accomplish them!  How do you do this?  What’s effective? What’s not?  A wise philosopher once said “The significance of a man is not in what he attains but in what he longs to attain.”  Setting goals at the beginning of a new year essentially about how we can improve our processes….how do we get to that end goal? Well, we have to be more disciplined more focused, less cluttered (eliminate time wasters)!


There are 2 types of goals that need to be addressed and set when trying to accomplish something.  Outcome Goals, the macro accomplishment i.e…I want to grow sales by 25% in 2012, the next step is what are my 2-3 Process Goals to accomplish that Outcome Goal. Do I need to grow my database, better define my unique selling proposition?  The specifics are up to you but this goal setting style has proven effective and will create clarity and accountability for you and your team.


How do we apply this process to your real estate portfolio and your sales team. Set your top 3 outcome goals for 2012 (the 3 “biggies”) and then set 2 process goals for each outcome goal. Don’t stop here, don’t tuck your goal sheet in the desk drawer to gather dust during the year. Set monthly meetings, track your process goals and your progress on your outcome goals with your team or your brokers. Keep each other accountable and have your best year ever!