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    Meet Jeff Brandon

    navpoint  /   May 1, 2020

    Q: How did you get into commercial real estate?

    A: I was in sales and business development for about 6 years prior to starting my career in commercial real estate.  I felt like the skills and experience that I had developed were transferable to commercial real estate and I was drawn to the entrepreneurship and excitement of almost every day being different.  I was also attracted to an industry that the reward was directly tied to my efforts and skills. 

    Q: Were you in CRE during the 2007-2008 financial crisis? If so, what lessons are you taking from that and applying during this pandemic?

    A: I was and fortunately the majority of my business was leasing as opposed to sales which kept me busy while banks were not lending.  To create business during that downturn, I found myself working with my clients on buyouts, amend-extends, early lease renewals to take advantage of market conditions, and in general trying to find ways to service clients.  Even though it was a grim time to be involved in the industry;  in many ways I found myself using a more creative side to find ways to be adaptive to best serve my clients.

    Q: What’s your most memorable deal?

    A: I completed a 212,000 SF 23 year office lease for a corporate sales headquarters in downtown Oklahoma City for Level 3 Communications a few years ago and I learned a lot during this transaction.

    Q: How do you describe what you do to friends, family and people outside the industry?

    A: I lease and sell commercial real estate property.

    Q: Work-life balance is frequently talked about in our industry. How do you manage your career and while making time for your family and personal life?

    A: This is always a challenge since being a market expert takes a lot of passion and time.  My wife supports my hobbies and interests and I support her equally. It’s a juggle with two elementary aged children, but we manage to keep afloat and have a good time. Work hard, play hard!

    Q: Walk us through an average day. What is your normal routine?

    A: My routine has changed during the COVID-19 crisis and I presently make a point to exercise everyday and balance out home life which sometimes leads to more work in the evenings.  My workday used to be more regimented before COVID-19 but with the kids home I take each day as it comes with a lot more flexibility. 

    Q: What hobbies and passions do you have outside of work?

    A: I love to mountain bike, ride the Peloton bike, exercise, reading, playing with kids, listening to records, cooking, and camping.

    Q: What’s something not many clients know about you?

    A: I quit drinking alcohol over a year ago, I don’t talk about it much in a business sense but I do think it has given me a edge with my business and fitness. 

    Q: Any advice you would give your younger self?

    A: Life’s a marathon and not a sprint.  Take good care of yourself, so you’ll have the endurance to enjoy life and have good balance.

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