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    Small Office/Light Industrial Buildings: What Are They?

    navpoint  /   June 21, 2021

    What exactly is a small office/light industrial building, and who is it a good fit for?

    Small office and light industrial buildings are typically under 10,000 square feet. Unlike small office buildings, light industrial buildings are small buildings that include a dock or roll up door. Not only do these spaces feature an office, but they also include a warehouse component.

    This type of space is ideal for small professional practices such as doctors, dentists, attorneys, accountants, engineers, or financial advisors. Distribution and construction businesses that need half or more of their space as open warehouse can also be a perfect fit for this type of building.

    When deciding whether to own or lease a space like this, owning will typically make sense if your company isn’t planning on growing significantly. If you know that your company will likely need the same amount of space for an extended period of time, owning may just be right for you. If those parameters don’t describe your business, leasing is likely a better option.

    If you feel like a small office or light industrial building will be the right fit for you, contact us at info@navpointre.com to speak with a broker!

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