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    The Future of Offices

    navpoint  /   May 28, 2021

    With so much change occurring since the beginning of COVID-19, one huge question mark at the front of people’s minds has been what the future of office buildings will be. While there are certain things that we won’t know until the pandemic is behind us, there are a few things that we do know.

    Due to so many people working from home since the pandemic began, companies that perhaps wouldn’t have considered this option prior to COVID were able to try it out. While this has been successful for some companies, others have faced challenges. Some jobs simply lend themselves to working at home better than others.

    In addition to this, one challenge that has come up is training college graduates and new employees outside of an office. Many companies have found it necessary to have these employees in office to create a better working and learning environment. Going off this, maturity of a company comes into play when seeing if working from home is a plausible long-term change.

    While we don’t know exactly what will come in the future, we do know that some companies have found irreplaceable value in having office space. In fact, some companies like Google have announced their plans to invest significantly in office space in the coming years (read more about that here).

    If you would like to further discuss changes and opportunities coming up in office real estate, contact us at info@navpointre.com.

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